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We assist you on all ACRA filing and corporate compliance matters!

Company Secretarial Services

When incorporating a company in Singapore, you need to appoint a Company Secretary in accordance to the Singapore Companies Act. Biztrust offers Company Secretarial services to ensure all your corporate matters are well taken care of.

A Company Secretary must be a Singapore resident who has the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge his/her functions as a secretary of the company.

Annual Secretary Packages

Annual Secretary Package Basic Popular Corporate
S$300 S$400 S$480
  • Investors
  • Types of shareholders
  • Number of directors > 4
  • Number of shareholders > 4
≤ 4
≤ 4
≤ 4
≤ 4
Foreign Corporate
> 4
> 4
Secretarial Agent Services
  • Preparation Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Filing of annual return with ACRA
  • Advising compliance with the Companies Act
  • Maintaining Registers and Minute books
  • Preparation of resolutions for:

    • • First Director’s Meeting

      • opening of first bank account

      • adoption of financial statement

      • change of bank signatory

      • change of company financial year end

Nominee Corporate Secretary

Provision of qualified secretary for the company
XBRL - Partial @ $120 * Not inclusive Not inclusive Not inclusive
Total S$300 S$400 S$480
  • none exempt pte ltd company or insolvent company are required to prepared XBRL Report
  • Common Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

    In addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, a Company Secretary is often involved in the following works:

    1. Monitoring Annual Return filing compliance
    2. Maintaining statutory registers, minutes books and important corporate records
    3. Updates and filing with ACRA on:
    • annual return
    • changes in the company director and other officers
    • appointments/resignations for directors, secretary and auditors
    • allotment of shares, transfer of shares, etc
    • any other changes that requires updating with ACRA
    4. Prepare minutes and coordinate shareholders’ meeting
    5. Prepare various types of directors resolution, minutes for Board of Directors including:
    • declaration of dividends
    • declaration of interest
    • rights issues and capitalisation
    • opening of bank account, bank loan and bank signatories
    • purchase of vehicle, property and investment

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