> Doing Business in Singapore

Doing Business In Singapore

Why Singapore

Singapore is a top-class world city to Work, Live and Play. The globally connected, multi-cultural and
cosmopolitan city-state offers a conducive environment to creative and knowledge-driven industries.

Compliance Requirement

All Singapore companies must comply with the statutory filing requirements with Accounting and Corporate
Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). It is easier to engage a
professional firm to be your tax and secretary agent to assist you to meet the compliance requirement.

About Singapore Tax

All businesses need to pay income tax as long as their income was derived or remitted into Singapore.
There are other taxes you may need to pay (e.g. withholding, goods and services, property, stamp duty)
depending on your business. The most common form of taxes that a foreign investor needs to consider...

Working in Singapore

Singapore offers an ideal work environment as it is a top-class world city to Work, Live and Play.

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